You’re Not Too Young or Too Old: How to Start a Private Practice at Any Age

You're Not Too Young or Too Old: How to Start a Private Practice at Any Age

Worried that you’re too young or too new to the profession to start a private practice? Or are you worried that you’re too old and you missed the boat? 

Today’s episode of Private Practice Success Stories is going to feature an excerpt from my new book,  The Path to Private Practice. I will share the reality behind when you should start your private practice and what the current trend data shows. 

This fear is something that I hear from SLPs and OTs all the time, so I knew I had to address this topic. The truth is, I know people of all ages and stages of life who have gone through with starting their private practice despite their hesitations. In fact, the age of people starting their private practices is skewing younger and younger. 

People are taking control of their personal, professional, and financial lives no matter their ages and they are thriving. 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • The best age to start a private practice
  • Common excuses people have for not starting their private practice
  • Case studies from private practice owners who started at different levels 

As long as you have something to bring to the table, you can start a private practice! Who decides whether you’re good enough to start a private practice? You do! You are qualified to be in private practice if you choose to be. If you’re considering private practice but don’t know if it’s right for you, then make sure to check out my book. 

My book, The Path to Private Practice, is now available for pre-order! Head on over to to order your copy today.

Whether you want to start a private practice or grow your existing private practice, I can help you get the freedom, flexibility, fulfillment, and financial abundance that you deserve. Visit my website to learn more.


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